A new, yet-to-be-titled Britney Spears single is rumored to be making its radio debut in March. The news was announced by a Los Angeles radio station, which also hinted that the track may have been produced by David Guetta.

According to reports, Spears' new album will not be released until several months after the single. One of its producers, Jon Asher, told the New York Post that the offering will feature a new sound for the pop princess.

"Epic Pop is a genre that I am pioneering at the moment," Asher said. "Music that has meaning. It's not your everyday pop love bug sound. It's upbeat rhythms and sounds with meaningful emotional lyrics that people can feel. Something that truly moves you."

Spears released her latest album, Circus, in 2008. The album debuted at number one on the Billboard 200, and featured the hit title track, as well as the single "Womanizer."